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Hi there,

I'm Jonathan and I'm based in Lambton, NSW.  I would like to set up a LETS network locally. 

What is a LETS network?

Quite simply, LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheme

LETS uses a system of community credits, no money changes hands.

People earn LETS credits by providing a service, and can then 'spend' the credits they gain from doing that on whatever is offered by others on the scheme: for example childcare, transport, food, home repairs, dog-walking etc etc. 

LETS helps people to reach out and forge links within the community and fosters goodwill and kindness towards others regardless of age, gender, race, religion (or no religion), colour, sexual orientation, social or economic background.  Everyone is of equal worth and validity within the scheme.

LETS Lambton has no religious or political affiliations.   

Please use the contact details provided if you're interested in helping to set up a LETS locally.

Thank you,


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